How to Crush Lucky Maiden 3

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6 min readJun 23, 2022

What you need to know to get the most out of the hottest tournament in ZED!


Want to have a ton of fun and have a shot at a huge 5+ ETH prize pool? Then save up your unraced horses & go sign up for Lucky Maiden 3, running from June 26th to July 1st!

The more special characteristics your horse has (Super Rare color, Super Coat, Z10+, blood-type, etc…), the more chances you have at winning money and reaching virtual horse nirvana!

Breed or Buy horses like this to have the greatest shot at winning across multiple categories.

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Lucky Maiden 3 Overview

Qualifying Dates: 6/26/22–6/30/22

Times: Each race day starts at 6:00 PM EST & ends at 5:59 PM EST the following day.

Races: Free & Paid races count; 7x per day; penalty of -10 points for each race over 7

Grand Finals: 7/1/22, 8:00 PM — 2:00 AM EST (auto-entry for qualified horses)

Click to buy Registration Token on Opensea

Click to Register your horse on Zombie’s website

What is Lucky Maiden?

The Lucky Maiden is an event specifically designed to test unraced racehorses in a weeklong, 7x race per day tournament format. The tournament is hosted by Zombieboy and Lucky Jack, one of the earliest and most influential stable owners in the game. LuckyJack strives to make the tournament THE most exciting event every month by providing myriad ways for racers to earn huge payouts.

There are multiple categories that each horse can race in based on its characteristics in addition to competing against the overall field. By entering a horse that meets the requirements of multiple categories, it is possible to have one horse make 5+ grand finals and win multiple Ethereum. I will go into strategies for finding a horse like that below.

How to Enter

To enter, you will need to purchase a Lucky Maiden 3 Token on OpenSea that matches the Breed Type of your horse. Once you have your token, you can register your horse on Zombie Racing Tournaments website and you are good to go!

Strategies to Crush Lucky Maiden

The #1 strategy to give yourself the best shot at winning in Lucky Maiden is to buy or breed a horse that can be entered in multiple categories. The special categories are below and remember, these are in addition to the overall competition!

Special Categories

● Best Nakamoto/Szabo/Finney/Buterin

● Best Genesis

● Best Cross & Pacer

● Best Super Rare / Rare Coat

● Best Super Coat

● Best Z10+

● Best Z20+

● Best Red, White & Blue

In the first Lucky Maiden, horses that won the overall took home ~2.0 ETH in winnings, but winners in each of the above categories also took home about 0.15–0.25 ETH per category, with some horses winning across multiple categories and some stables taking home over 1 ETH!

So, what you want to breed or buy is a horse like this Finney UUU:

This horse would get you into the following finals if you placed top 12 in the category:

  1. Best Overall
  2. Best Finney
  3. Best Z10+
  4. Best Super Rare Coat
  5. Best Super Coat
  6. Best America (Moon color category)

That’s six, SIX!, potential finals with one horse with a shot at winning 2.0+ ETH in the overall and 0.15–0.25 ETH per special category!

n particular, Super Rare/Rare coat colors and Super Coats are vastly underrepresented and offer the highest probability of making a final. In the last Lucky Maiden, there were ~600 horses registered, but only 50 Super Rare/Rare coats, and 25 Super Coats! You would just need to be in the top 25% of Rare+ coat colors and only the top 50% of Super Coats to make a final, as opposed to the top 2% to make the overall final.

To simplify your search process, here are some top tier breeds from LuckyJack himself available for you to snag and get in Lucky Maiden 3. Each horse has the ability to qualify in the Maiden Category listed.

Simply click the link provided and make a bid!

Left to Right: Lucky Sunrise Z2 Nakamoto Legendary; Sunrise Lucky Z3 Nakamoto Legendary; Lucky Goliath Z4 Nakamoto Legendary
Left to Right: Lucky Meow Z5 Szabo Legendary; Timesun Lucky Z5 Nakamoto Exclusive; Banktime Lucky Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive
Left to Right: Lucky Skywinder Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive; Lucky Blood Diamond Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive; Lucky Brooks Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive
Left to Right: Lucky Pig Z6 Nakamoto Exclusive; Lucky Elf Z7 Nakamoto Exclusive; Lucky Shield Z8 Szabo Exclusive
Left to Right: G3N3SIS Z8 Szabo Exclusive; Pippy Lucky Z10 Szabo Exclusive; Lucky Birth Z10 Finney Legendary
Left to Right: Lucky Dodger Z10 Finney Legendary; Lucky Artful Z10 Finney Exclusive; Lucky Onyx Z10 Finney Exclusive
Left to Right: Lucky Cow Z10 Finney Exclusive; Lucky Royal Court Z10 Finney Legendary; Lucky Mr Blonde Z11 Finney Legendary
Left to Right: Lucky Raincloud Z11 Finney Exclusive; Lucky New Z12 Finney Exclusive; Seadragon Lucky Z14 Finney Exclusive
Left to Right: Lucky Bond Z14 Finney Exclusive; Yella Lucky Z14 Finney Legendary; Lucky Fairy Z15 Szabo Exclusive
Left to Right: Lucky Excalibur Z15 Finney Exclusive; Lucky Mr Star Z15 Buterin Legendary; Lucky Chi Z15 Buterin Legendary
Summary Table of Horses and Race Categories

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